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How KWoC invoked the coder in me!

Kharagpur Winter of Code

About KWoC

— Kharagpur Winter of Code is a 5-week long online program organized by , the open-source source society of IIT Kharagpur for the students of various colleges, who are new to open source software development. The programme not only helps students to get involved in open source but also preps them for many open-source summer programmes like Google Summer of Code , Outreachy, Season of KDE, Rails Girls Summer of Code, GirlScript Summer of Code and many similar programs.

My Journey

On the last day of November, I came across a WhatsApp message. It was the registration information of KWoC. Then I checked the website of Kharagpur Winter of Code and registered at that very moment. As open source development fascinates me and I also missed GSSOC last year because of lack of Information. So, I already planned to participate in winter of code and KWoC is what I needed. Then from 6th of December the coding period started and I searched for suitable issues in different projects.

There were many Projects in almost all Domains of Programming be it Web, Android, ML, AI or any other.

1st Contribution

Project Name: Web Development Resource

This was my first PR for KWoC. In this contribution, I added the resources of AngularJs in a markdown file. The resources consist of documentation, tutorials, video tutorials, books, paid courses, online Editors, and some important GitHub repositories related to AngularJs. It is a very informative file for a person who wants to study AngularJs.

This Pull request was created in response to the following issue.

2nd Contribution

Project Name: ALGO BOOK

This was my second Pull request for KWoC. Since childhood I love mathematics and now I love to implement mathematical formulas and rules through codes. So, I commented to assign me, Simpson’s Rule. On the very next, I got a question to solve the Simpo’n rule in my mathematics examination. That’s quite a coincidence, isn’t it?

In this Pull request, I added Simpson’s 1/3 and 3/8 rule in C++ language.

3rd Contribution


This was my last Pull Request. Although I just added the favicons in this project but I have learned a lot about CGPA calculations and UI designing.

This Pull request was created in response to the following issue.

Project Name: CODE MANICS


I started working on this issue during KWoC. The feature I tried to add became a bug only because of an equal sign. I learned the importance of focus and attentiveness while working.

In this pull request, I worked on EJS, CSS, and HTML languages. I added a password security level with a bar showing the real-time security level of the current setup password.


Unfortunately, I didn’t submit the Pull request on this issue. My end semester examinations were going on when this issue was assigned to me. I added the code on my local machine but didn’t submit the Pull request. Meanwhile, someone wants to work on the issue and created a Pull request before me. This proves that Procrastination is the thief of time, opportunity, and success.

It was a great learning experience with KWoC.

I would like to thanks all the mentors for the projects I have contributed. It would be more challenging without them. Special thanks to KOSS for hosting this wonderful open source program. I am looking forward to participating KWoC next year but as a mentor.